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ALESHIA MUELLER is the owner of Reel Nomad Productions. Aleshia started out in the business managing university media equipment and editing suites, setting-up equipment demos, and offering editing and DVD authoring workshops. She has since worked on long and short media projects that range from podcasts, music and travel videos, scientific, social, and historical documentaries, commercials, and narrative films, many of which have screened at festivals worldwide. As a freelancer, Aleshia wears many hats throughout the filmmaking process. As a producer, director, writer, coordinator, script supervisor, cinematographer, or editor, Aleshia has the skills and commitment to realize a creative vision from script to screen. Aleshia's curiosity, fearlessness, and passion for her craft continue to take her on storytelling adventures throughout the world.

One of Aleshia’s current storytelling adventure highlights Latin America. Learn more at

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